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Relocation Services
Our services in the sector of relocation are focused on providing the employee and family, who has been relocated by their company, with all that is necessary so that they can adapt without any problems to their new home and the Valencia community. You will receive professional and personal support during the entire process: from the moment you accept the move, throughout your stay in Valencia until your departure.
CPI Relocation will provide support for all aspects of national and international moves, for both individuals and/or companies who engage us, with complete services at the Valencia destination. Our contacts and experience greatly reduce the time it takes to look for and complete the paper-work for a new home, residence permission, telephone installation, and other important matters that must dealt with.
We prepare support programs adapted to all economic levels encompassing all budget possibilities from the most senior to the recently-engaged.
Everyone needs support in relocation, especially if they have to begin immediately. CPI s support is a valuable investment on the investment your company, has made in you.
Our “Relocation Packages” provide necessary legal and economic advice to companies that have decided to do business in Spain.
We also have the best contacts to help you find offices, saving valuable time for your company. Our knowledge of the region, area governmental, organizations, available subsides and intensive programs will be invaluable in helping your company get established in the Valencia area.
Each family will receive a warm welcome from one of our escorts who speaks English and Spanish. On your arrival, your
family will be picked up and taken to your hotel.
You will be given a copy of our welcome dossier full of useful maps, guides and practical information that
will help you to get on rented in your new city and its environs. If you wish, a van tour can be arranged for you and your family to visit the various residential areas of Valencia for the purpose of finding the best neighbor hood for you to rent or buy your new home.
Temporary Lodging Services
If you and your family don’t wish to extend your stay in a hotel while you look a new home or if your time in Valencia will be less than a year, our escorts can also show you different properties that are rented by the week or month.
Looking for a new home
Our escort will accompany you and your family to visit a variety of previously selected properties which have all the features you have already chosen. This will save you the work of dealing directly with estate agencies and you will not waste your time visiting properties that do not suit your taste or budget.
Managing the rental contract
We negotiate and supervise your rental contract between you and the owner. Additionally, we also have our own rental contracts, in both English and Spanish, which allow the clients to understand what they are signing.
Our contracts are designed to protect you, encompassing important matters like the owners responsibility to make repairs, selecting a suitable insurance policy, and the connection of all utilities before you and your family move in. Our contracts also include complete furnishing services for those families who request them.
Moving your Household Items and Personal Belongings
Our moving department can coordinate the moving and/or storage of your house hold items and personal belongings until you have settled in Valencia.
Furniture Rental or Purchase for your New Home
Please check our Furniture Rentals/Sales section. You have the choice to purchase or rent new or second hand furniture.
Orientation on Education and Choice of Schools for Children
Infants, children and teenagers require special attention. A family moving with children, needs help to find pediatricians and medical care, baby-sitters, nurseries, kindergartens, bilingual and/or religious schools, etc. Cpi Gestión will help the parents to select the school that best suits the needs of their children. Additionally, we can recommend the appropriate home personnel for families that need special attention.
Orientation in your New Neighborhood
We will show your family how to find and use the nearest underground and bus stops, hospital, chemist’s, supermarkets, etc, as well as the main roads and motorways and the best ways to go to school and work..
Finding Professional Services
We can help you and your family to find housekeepers (part-time, full-time and live-in) baby-sitters, gardeners, etc. We also can arrange the installation of satellite or cable TV, telephone (home phone and/or cell), internet, electricity, gas, water, etc. We have a selected group of highly qualified professionals to meet all your needs.
We can arrange translations, translators, transcriptions and private language lessons at home.
Support of the Companion
Many times in a move like this, there is a member if the family who has left behind a job, studies, their family and friends, and who may have more free time in Valencia. Cpi Gestión can help this person in their personal development in the new location, whether it is looking for a suitable job, meeting new friends in similar conditions, deciding on academic or university studies, discovering cultural organizations, sports activities or whatever their individual needs might be.
In order to legally set up in Spain, it is necessary to apply for and obtain different permits and documents provided by regional government offices. To avoid paper-work, long queues, and loss of time, trust in our Management Department. We will take care of multitude of tasks related to residency, work-permits, citizenship, consulate registry, social security, shipping of cars, validation of driving license, shipping of pets, opening a bank account, purchasing home insurance, etc.
Our Help Line
You and your family can depend in us at all times for continued support for any inconvenience, unexpected problem, doubt, or question that may come up. You can call us during office hours or at our 24 hour help line in case of emergency.
Returning Home
When your work in Valencia has finished and you plan to return to your native city or country, we can take care of closing-up in Valencia for you. For example, cancellation of water, electricity, and telephone services, notifying your children’s schools, your mail, follow-up on your keys and deposit.

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